MEMIC selects CLARA Analytics to read and summarise medical records with AI

MEMIC, a leading workers' compensation insurance company, has chosen CLARA Analytics, to help them improve medical outcomes for injured workers.

MEMIC, a leading workers’ compensation insurance company, has chosen CLARA Analytics to help them improve medical outcomes for injured workers.

The collaboration is set to see them leverage CLARA’s AI-driven technology platform, known as CLARA Optics, to enable them to increase claims management efficiencies, and lighten administrative burdens for adjusters and nurse case managers.

CLARA Optics utilises predictive AI, generative AI (GenAI), and large language models (LLMs) to automate medical records transcription, offering real-time case summaries. This empowers claims managers to make informed, data-driven decisions, leading to faster resolutions and lower claim costs.

The platform can analyse both structured and unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP).

It provides insights to help claims managers make data-driven decisions. As a result of this, CLARA’s customers typically achieve impressive returns on investment (ROI), with most surpassing 500%.

Workers’ compensation claims can sometimes involve hundreds of pages of medical records and other documents, CLARA’s AI platform can provide real-time case summaries, utilising both structured and unstructured contributory data. This results in quicker case resolutions, reduced workloads, and improved outcomes for both injured workers and their employers.

Matt Harmon, senior vice president of claims at MEMIC, said, “We anticipate that CLARA Optics will create greater efficiencies across our claim operation. Our claim handlers and nurse case managers will now have an easier time extracting important details from the high volume of medical records they receive and review while assisting injured workers and policyholders. The up-to-date case summaries and actionable follow-up recommendations will contribute to our ongoing efforts to shorten claim durations and lower claim costs.”

Heather H. Wilson, CEO of CLARA Analytics, commented, “MEMIC is widely recognised as a leader in the workers’ compensation space. That’s evident in the fact that MEMIC was one of the first companies to embrace CLARA’s AI technology, using ourTreatment and Triage products for several years now.

“We’re pleased that they have chosen to add CLARA Optics to their toolkit. This will help them to further improve medical outcomes, reduce costs, and empower adjusters to focus on the things that matter most,” she added.

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