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Ushur unveils AI-powered digital self-service solution for health plans

Ushur, the leader in AI-powered Customer Experience Automation (CXA), has launched a new AI-powered digital self-service solution addressing the significant challenges health plans and third-party administrators (TPAs) face in supporting members with complex care navigation needs.

How GenAI is redefining insurance

Imagine a world where insurance isn’t bogged down by endless paperwork, long processing times, and one-size-fits-all policies. Instead, envision a landscape where every interaction is tailored to fit your unique needs, claims are processed swiftly and accurately, and customer service is available around the clock. Welcome to the transformative era of generative AI in insurance. 

McKenzie Intelligence Services unveils AI damage classifier to revolutionise insurance assessments

McKenzie Intelligence Services (MIS) has announced the launch of a cutting-edge AI damage classifier to enhance its human intelligence-led damage assessments for insurers following catastrophic events.

Leveraging AI and geospatial imagery for insurance risk prediction

Artificial intelligence (AI) and geospatial imagery are revolutionising the insurance industry, enhancing everything from underwriting and risk assessment to claiming processes. By integrating AI with high-resolution geospatial data, insurers can gain unprecedented insights into the specific risks associated with a given location.

1Fort launches AI-driven platform to revolutionise insurance broking

1Fort, a leading VC-backed InsurTech, has announced the launch of its cutting-edge AI platform that enables brokers to instantly quote from leading specialty markets.

One80 Intermediaries unveils groundbreaking AI warranty coverage

One80 Intermediaries, a specialty insurance broker headquartered in Boston, has unveiled a pioneering AI warranty coverage for enterprises.

Berlin InsurTech INZMO launches AI-powered legal chatbot amid German rental market...

INZMO, a leading Berlin InsurTech, has launched an AI-powered legal chatbot aimed at helping tenants and landlords in Germany’s strained rental market get easy access to tailored legal information and support.

Clearcover taps Ada to elevate its customer service experience

Clearcover, a leading InsurTech, is set to elevate its customer service experience through a new partnership with Ada. The collaboration will see Ada's generative AI-powered...

Simplifai secures significant investment led by Idékapital

Simplifai, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions in the insurance sector, has secured a significant investment with Idékapital leading the raise.

Ushur unveils AI-powered self-service solution for financial institutions

Ushur, a leader in AI-powered Customer Experience Automation (CXA), has introduced a new self-service solution tailored for financial institutions to automate Know Your Customer (KYC) and paperless enrolment processes.

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