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Simplifai secures significant investment led by Idékapital

Simplifai, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions in the insurance sector, has secured a significant investment with Idékapital leading the raise.

How to master IPA implementation

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) has emerged as a game-changer in the business landscape, promising streamlined operations, cost savings, and enhanced customer experiences. However, the journey towards reaping these benefits is fraught with challenges that can derail projects and impede progress, as Simplifai explains.

Gain an edge in pricing decision intelligence with hx Renew’s specialist...

Nearly one year ago, hyperexponential launched a certification programme, beginning with the "Core Model Developer Exam." The initiative has been warmly received, with certificates and badges being awarded quarterly. The enthusiasm for this achievement is visible, with many sharing their hx Renew certificates on LinkedIn, celebrating their success.

Transforming customer experience in insurance claims handling

In the realm of insurance, the claims process stands as a pivotal point in shaping overall customer satisfaction. Simplifai explores this process from the handlers’ perspective to give valuable insights into how to improve it across various insurance lines and regions.

How to choose the best AI solution for claims management

The insurance industry is undergoing a transformative shift, propelled by the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As insurers grapple with increasingly complex claims and rising customer expectations, AI has emerged as a potent tool to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and elevate customer satisfaction levels. However, amidst the plethora of AI solutions available, selecting the right option for claims management is not a simple task, as the AI automation platform Simplifai explains.

ERV Nordic chooses Simplifai to automate their claims management

Simplifai, the secure AI automation provider, has been chosen by ERV Nordic to enhance the efficiency of their travel insurance claims handling processes.

Ushur reveals new launch module for enhanced customer experience automation

Ushur, a leading provider of Customer Experience Automation solutions, continues to innovate with its latest major release, which includes the introduction of a key feature aimed at empowering citizen developers.

Verisk launches Generative AI tool to support faster insurance claims processing

Verisk, a leading global data analytics and technology provider, has introduced an automated Generative AI tool which has been designed to support faster insurance claims processing.

The role of Machine Learning explainability in insurance

In the dynamic realm of insurance, a silent revolution is underway, orchestrated not by charismatic CEOs or flamboyant disruptors but by the enigmatic force of machine learning (ML). These complex algorithms have become insurance industry oracles, predicting claims and determining premiums with uncanny accuracy.

75% of business leaders are “comfortable” incorporating AI into customer-facing strategies

75% of key decision-makers in the healthcare, insurance, and financial services industries are now "comfortable" incorporating AI and automation into customer-facing strategies or communications, according to research from Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) pioneer Ushur.

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