KYND launches exposure management solution for cybersecurity insurers

KYND, a cyber risk management company, has unveiled its latest innovation: a new Exposure Management solution.

KYND secures new funding to advance cyber risk management

KYND, a prominent provider of cyber risk management solutions, has announced the completion of a substantial investment to fuel its expansion and further development.

KYND and Consilium forge strategic partnership to tackle cyber risks in...

KYND Limited, a leading entity in cyber risk management, and Consilium, the international (re)insurance broker under the Aventum Group, have announced a significant strategic partnership.  

Data analytics – the next frontier for insurance  

The digital transformation of the insurance industry has been underway for many years. Carriers have drastically improved their efficiency, speed and accuracy through the implementation of new technologies. Now the sector may be looking towards data analytics to make the latest leap in the space. 

KYND’s cyber risk expertise powers Nirvana’s underwriting transformation

KYND and Nirvana, two trailblazing names in their respective fields, have joined forces to revolutionise cyber underwriting. KYND stands out as a provider of advanced cyber...

The importance of external and internal vulnerability scanning in cyber underwriting

InsurTech company KYND recently released a report exploring whether external or internal vulnerability scanning is more useful to assess a company's cyber posture. 

A fusion of forces: KYND and MDS partner up to navigate...

In a progressive move towards amplified cyber risk management, KYND, renowned for its advanced cyber risk management technology, has announced a partnership with MDS, a Portugal-based Lloyd’s broker extending into the world's largest specialised insurance market.

Unpacking the MOVEit data breach: why cyber risk management is non-negotiable

The shocking MOVEit data breach has left global businesses reeling and exposed the hard truth of our digital era - cyber threats are an inescapable reality. The enormity of the breach's impact, and the sensitive nature of the data now in the hands of hackers, has served as a sobering reminder of the catastrophic implications of cyber attacks and the spiralling chaos they can induce in the corporate world.

Cyber risk expert KYND makes a splash in the US insurance...

KYND, a pioneer in cyber risk management technology and services based in the UK, is excited to announce its expansion into the US insurance market.

Harnessing the power of big data: A new era for insurance...

In the rapidly evolving world of insurance and InsurTech, the term "big data" is gaining significant traction. With implications for risk assessments, policy pricing and customer interactions, insurance industry professionals explore how it is driving innovation.

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