Scanbot SDK enhances document filters for superior scan quality and speed

Scanbot SDK has announced significantly improved image filters for its Document Scanner SDK to offer superior scan quality and speed.

Scanbot SDK has announced significantly improved image filters for its Document Scanner SDK to offer superior scan quality and speed.

These enhancements are now accessible directly in any modern browser through the new Document Filters Demo.

The upgraded filters enable users to produce document scans that are easier to read for both humans and machines, boasting an average processing speed 50% faster than previous versions.

These filters can be applied to images captured by the SDK or those imported from the device gallery.

In this web application, users can test how the auto-crop and image filters ensure that their scan results meet backend requirements. Low-contrast documents, such as those on coloured paper or with grey text, and images captured in dark or overly bright environments are now less challenging to process.

The Color Document Filter brightens the image and enhances its contrast, making it ideal for documents containing more than just text where preserving colour is essential. The Grayscale Filter improves readability by converting the document into shades of grey.

For those optimising for OCR, the Binarization Filter is recommended. It reduces the image’s colour depth to black-and-white, thereby improving machine readability. This filter is effective for most document scanning scenarios involving text on paper.

The filter can be customised with four presets, each enhancing performance in specific areas such as processing speed or shadow handling. The filter demo allows users to determine which preset best suits their needs.

Filters can be further adjusted based on whether the binarized documents will be processed by employees or backend software. Two main settings are available: Antialias, which smooths the edges of text characters for better human readability, and Denoise, which removes tiny image artifacts from binarized scans to facilitate OCR.

The Scanbot SDK team is available to assist users in finding the best filter configuration for their specific use case. For instance, customers in the transportation industry often configure their filters for scanning coloured documents with grey text, a common requirement in this sector.

The Scanbot Document Filters Demo is now available for free trial. The new image filters are part of the latest version of the Document Scanner SDK for Android and iOS.

To learn more about the product from Scanbot SDK click here.

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