Eastern Alliance and CLARA Analytics collaborate to optimise insurance claims with AI

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance Corporation, has partnered with CLARA Analytics to optimise insurance claims through the use of AI.

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProAssurance Corporation, has partnered with CLARA Analytics to optimise insurance claims through the use of AI.

This partnership is driven by Eastern Alliance’s need to address escalating medical costs and streamline their claims management process.

The firm will leverage CLARA Analytics’ CLARAty.ai platform, aiming to enhance medical outcomes for injured workers, improve reserve accuracy, and reduce administrative burdens for claims professionals.

By integrating CLARA’s advanced AI solutions, Eastern Alliance aims to create substantial value, reduce manual workloads, and expedite the recovery process for injured workers.

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, renowned for providing workers’ compensation insurance solutions, aims to utilise CLARA Analytics’ comprehensive platform to optimise their claims management.

CLARA’s claims intelligence platform combines predictive analytics with generative AI to deliver a robust claims management solution. The AI models employed by CLARA analyse diverse data sources, such as claims data, medical records, and legal documents, providing actionable recommendations for cost containment and preventing claim escalation.

Eastern Alliance will deploy CLARA’s key solutions, including CLARA Optics for medical document intelligence, CLARA Treatment to direct care to top-performing medical providers, and CLARA Triage to prioritise high-severity claims early in their lifecycle.

These solutions aim to mitigate escalating medical costs and improve operational efficiencies.

Kevin Shook, President at Eastern Alliance, stated, “CLARA’s capability to deliver ROI through their AI platform truly distinguished them from the competition. We foresee considerable operational efficiencies and loss reductions that will create substantial value and reduce the manual workload for our claims professionals. Ultimately, this can result in savings for us and our insureds and help injured workers return to wellness and productivity faster. That potential makes this partnership a win-win for everyone involved.”

CLARA Analytics’ AI platform, known for its ability to analyse both structured and unstructured data, employs natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs) tailored for insurance claims. These insights enable claims professionals to make informed, data-driven decisions, often leading to ROI exceeding 500% for CLARA’s customers.

Heather H. Wilson, CEO of CLARA Analytics, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, commenting, “We are honoured that Eastern Alliance has chosen CLARA as their preferred claims intelligence platform. This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionise claims management. We look forward to supporting Eastern Alliance in their commitment to excellence, helping them deliver superior care to injured workers, streamline operations for their claims team, and ultimately achieve better outcomes for all stakeholders involved in the claims process.”

Workers’ compensation claims often involve extensive documentation. CLARA Optics utilises predictive AI and LLMs to automate the transcription of medical records, extract key details, and provide actionable insights. This technology aims to eliminate time-consuming document reviews, expedite case resolutions, and improve outcomes for both workers and employers.

CLARA Treatment and CLARA Triage leverage a comprehensive national database of workers’ compensation claims to provide data-driven insights and identify high-risk claims for proactive management. These tools support accurate reserving and ensure that injured workers receive appropriate service based on the severity of their injuries.

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